MMBT-800 XYZ Tool Scope | Measuring | Microscope | Magnification | 20X | 50X | 100X

MMBT-800 XYZ Tool Scope Multifunctional Measuring Microscope


MMBT-800 XYZ Tool Scope is used to measure observe and inspect. MMBT-800 XYZ has a wide field piece WF10X/24. Magnifications to 20X 50X and 100X. A 1080P HDMI Cross Hair Generator Camera. A 1080P 22" HDMI Monitor.

  •  2X, 5X & 10X Objective lens
  • X-Y-Z Readable
  • 8" X x 6" Y x 8" Z Travel
  • Extra Long Working Distance M APO Plan Objectives
  • Measurement Microscope
  • Resolution (switchable) 0.0005mm

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MMBT-800 XYZ Tool Scope Digital Display


MMBT-800 XYZ Tool Scope can measure:

  • Points
  • Lines
  • Circles
  • Distance
  • Angles

Accurate measurements with digital display readout to 5 decimal places. Can measure in inches or mm. Great for testing and measuring parts. Camera (1080P) has picture in picture available for comparison. Color or black and white image. Live video and freeze image available. You can flip your image and save your image to an SD card.

MMBT-800 XYZ Precision Moving


MMBT-800 XYZ Measuring Microscope has precision focusing. Here is a close up of the focusing knob. The outer knob is for coarse focusing while the inner knob is for fine focusing.

MMBT-800 XYZ Tool Scope Stage:


MMBT-800 XYZ Tool Scope has a 6" by 8" stage. The handle to the front left is the Y direction handle (Vertical Up and Down). The handle on the right side is the X direction handle (Horizontal Left and Right). When measuring the Z axis (Height) you can choose 2 points. You can use the course and fine focusing knobs. Press the Z key. The LED counter will display 0 for Z. Rotate the fine focusing knob to get the image focused on the other point. The number in Z is the distance you want to measure in the Z axis.

MMBT-800 XYZ Tool Scope Control Board:


Close-up photo of the control board for the MMBT-800 XYZ Tool Scope. The power switch is on the left along with 2 brightness adjustment knobs. The knob immediately next to the power switch is the brightness adjustment knob for transmitted illumination. The knob on the far right is a brightness adjustment knob for reflected illumination.

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