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In Stock MMBT16CHFWB Quiet 16 Carrier Horizontal Braider

MMBT by Metro CAD is at FIME 2024 Booth J98. Please stop by to see our new quiet operating braider.

A digital camera scope with measuring capabilities can be added to the braider to measure braid angle and pic count.

MMBT Braiders Horizontal or Vertical from 16-288 Carriers

Above is our 72 Carrier Braider. Please contact us for a quote if you are interested in this or one of our other carriers.

MMBT 16 Carrier Horizontal Fine Wire Braiders Currently IN STOCK !

We have state of the art Digital Circular Fine Wire Braiders. Our quiet braiders for medical catheters come in a multiple of configurations, from 16 carriers, all the way up to 288 carriers, both Horizontal and Vertical types. Our braiders are ideal for a wide range of fine wire and fiber products from Medical Catheters, Stents to Digital cables and beyond. 

  • MMBT's braiders operate quietly and are triaxial braiding capable with a triaxial kit. The number of triaxials available is equal up to half the number of carriers.
  • The basic principle of this machine, each thread/wire inter twist with another thread/wire and crosses from above and below, fabricating continuous, seamless sleeve with non-orthogonal fiber/wire orientation.
  • Frame of Heavy-duty Aluminum construction with Braider plate, puller assembly, touch control panel, electrical enclosure, pay off and take up handlers, on wheels.
  • Wide range of projects can be produced by changing the basic thread/wire diameter and number of threads/wires per carrier. 3 basic patters are Diamond, Herringbone and Half Load. Triaxial braiding capable. Up to half the number of carriers triaxials can be used.
  • Quiet Operation, Cost-Effective and Built-in Bobbin Winder.
yellow copper black and blue colored wires medical braids herringbone diamond patterns

Have Questions? See if they are answered here: MMBT Fine Wire Braider FAQ

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