32 Carrier Horizontal Fine Wire Medical Braider

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MMBT32CHFWB 32 Carrier Horizontal Fine Wire Medical Catheter Braider

MMBT32CHFWB 32 Carrier Horizontal Fine Wire Medical Catheter Braider

The MMBT32CHFWB is a state-of-the-art Digital Round Braider with quiet operation and a cost-effective platform and comes standard with casters. MMBT's horizontal braiders do not need a compressor to operate.

Wide range of projects can be produced by changing the basic thread/wire diameter and number of threads/wires per carrier. 3 basic patterns are Diamond, Herringbone and Half Load. Triaxial braiding capable. Triaxial tubes with ceramic eyelets comes standard. Optional triaxial kit from 1 to 16 triaxials. Triaxial kits available for purchase.

Elegant design, rigid structure, & high output with easy operation.

Machine operating elements are grouped on a separate intuitive HMI panel for the ease of operation and clear visibility.

MMBT medical braiders are triaxial braiding capable. MMBT32CHFWB has 32 vertical spring-loaded virgin nylon carriers with carbide eyelets and optional triaxial kit from 1 to 16 triaxials. Triaxial kits available for purchase. MMBT's 32 carrier medical braider has 4 horns per gear that can rotate @ 300 RPM and have up to 600 picks/min. Up to 10 segments can be programmed in one recipe, allowing for different PPI for each segment. 

The 32 carrier horizontal fine wire medical braider by MMBT can braid a variety of wires and fibers, some examples are:

WIRES: Stainless Steel, Copper, Niti, Titanium, Gold, Platinum and Cobolt-Chromium.

FIBERS: Nylon, Polyester, Dyneema, Kevlar, Vectran, Spectra, PET, PEN, PP, PEEK and LCP.

Machine Type : Round Braider
Machine Model : MMBT32CHFWB
Number of Heads : 1
Number of Carriers : 32
Construction : Horizontal
Horn Gear RPM : 300
Track Plate Material : Stainless Steel
Carrier Material : Virgin Nylon with Carbide Eyelets
Bobbin Size : Ø40.5 X 26.5mm
Bobbin Material : Virgin Nylon
Bobbin Volume (㎤) : 26
Connected Load (KW) : 1.6
Power Source : 3Ø, 200/230/260VAC/60Hz
Overall Dimensions L X W X H (in) : 73.6 X 29.5 X 66.9
Machine Weight (Lbs) : 1,543

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