MMBT By Metro CAD Scroll Oil-less Air Compressor Kits Provide Pure Air

MMBT's scroll oil-less compressors provide contaminant free air.

MMBT’s scroll oil-less electric air compressors offer contaminant free air, are quiet, low-maintenance and easy to service. The scroll oil-less design provides pure compressed air that can be used in medical facilities, labs, industrial processes, cleanroom environment, and other medical device manufacturing applications. The scroll design is reliable, quiet, and simple to use.

In medical device manufacturing air purity is important. MMBT's Scroll Oil-less Air Compressor keeps the air you use clean and pure. Inside the compressor are two spiral shaped scrolls. One scroll is set and the other moves in a circular motion. The movement of the scroll helps to capture air, the air is then compressed and released to the vertical air tank.

MMBT by Metro CAD offers scroll oil-less multi stage air compressors in the following sizes:

  • 7.5 Hp
  • 15 Hp
  • 30 Hp
  • 52 Hp
  • 67 Hp
  • 75 Hp

What is included in MMBT's scroll oil-less air compressor kit?

  • Multi stage electric scroll oil-less air compressor
  • Vertical air tank
  • Automatic refrigerated dryer
  • 3 Pipe inline air filters and elements

No copper tubing is provided in the kit.

Price for 7.5 Hp Compressor kit before shipping is $8,690.00
Price for 15 Hp Compressor kit before shipping is $15,885.00

If you would like a quote for a scroll oil-less compressor kit that is larger than 15 Hp please email for a quote.

MMBT Scroll Oil-less Air Compressors

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