MMBT by Metro CAD Unit 5 TS-NL 50X Track Stand LED Microscope 50X - 200X Magnificaton

MMBT 50X Track Stand Microscope


TS-NL 50X Track Stand LED Microscope comes with a pair of 10X eyepiece, a Quad High-Powered LED Light, and a 1X objective lens. A 50X standard magnification, with options up to 200X. Additional add on items include: LED Circle backlight, 20X eyepiece, AL-A05 .5X objective lens, AL-A07 .7X objective lens and an AL-A20 2X objective lens.

MMBT by Metro CAD Unit 5 Features:

  • SZII-B2 Scope Head (50X)
  • Sealed O-Rings
  • TS-NL Standard Height Track Stand
  • Quad HP3250RL-LED High-Powered Halogen LED Light
  • Comes with AL-A10 1X objective lens
  • Base Price Starting at $1,175.00

MMBT Unit 5 Customizable Accessories Include:


  • Objective Lenses for an additional cost:
    • AL-A05 .5X $210.00
    • AL-A05 .7X $210.00
    • AL-A20 2X  $210.00
  • Comes with one pair of 10X eyepiece
  • Add on one pair of 20X eyepiece for additional cost:
    • 20X eyepiece $175.00
  • Tilt Stand Option for an additional cost:
    • Tilt Stand Option $165.00
  • LED Circle Backlight for an additional cost:
    • CB5000 LED Circle Back-light $120.00

Buy MMBT by Metro CAD Unit 5 Microscope HERE.

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