MMBT Unit 16 HDMI Microscope | Stop By Metro CAD Showroom for Demo

MMBT Unit 16 | Dual Arm Boom Stand | HDMI Microscope | 10X Eyepiece | .5X .7X 2X Objective Lenses


Unit 16 Great for Inspection, Quality Control & Training

50X Dual Arm Bearing Boom Stand LED Microscope w/ HDMI comes with a pair of 10X eyepiece, a Quad High-Powered LED Light, and a 1X objective lens. A 50X standard magnification, with options up to 200X. To get up to 200X you can purchase the 20X eyepiece and the 2X objective lens. A 1080P HDMI Camera and Monitor. Additional add on items include: LED Rectangle backlight, 20X eyepiece, AL-A05 .5X objective lens, AL-A07 .7X objective lens, and an AL-A20 2X objective lens.



MMBT Unit 16 HDMI Microscope Features:

  • SZII-VC-04 Scope Head Video Coupler
  • SZII-T2 Trinocular Scope Head
  • O-Ring Sealed Scope Head
  • EA-CFB White E-Arm
  • DA-SB Boom Stand
  • 1080P HDMI Camera
  • 10X Digital Camera Zoom
  • 25" 1080P HDMI Monitor
  • Quad HP3250RL-LED High Powered Halogen LED Light
  • Comes with AL-A10 1X objective lens
  • Comes with one pair of 10X eyepiece
  • Line Generator
  • 4 Vertical Lines and 4 Horizontal Lines
  • Adjust Line Thickness
  • Change Color of Lines
  • Save up to 7 Line Templates
  • Cross Hair
  • Live Video
  • Can Video Procedures - Perfect for Pass Down Production
  • Freeze Image
  • Picture in Picture
  • B + W or Color Images
  • Adjust RGB
  • Auto white balance
  • Save Images to 8GB SD Card
  • No PC required
  • Add on accessories include:
    • Objective Lenses:
    • AL-A05 .5X
    • AL-A07 .7X
    • AL-A20 2X
  • Additional Eyepiece
    • ONE pair of 20X eyepiece
  • Rectangle Backlight
    • RB5000 LED Rectangle Backligh
  • one pair of 20X eyepiece
    • 20X eyepiece

Quad HP3250RL-LED High Powered Halogen LED Light


Unit 16 comes with a 4-quadrant ring light that is attached to the microscope. The quad ring lights have 3250K natural light. This light color will not discolor your parts that you are viewing. You can shut off different sections of the quad ring light to reduce glare and eye strain. You also have the ability to adjust the brightness of the light by using the control box.

RB5000 LED Rectangle Backlight


If you need to get a better view of your parts you can purchase our LED rectangle backlight. Our rectangle backlight helps to reduce shadows and allows for better visibility inside parts.

MMBT by Metro CAD Unit 16 Microscope Warranty

MMBT by Metro CAD's unit 16 HDMI microscope comes with a 5-year warranty on the microscope head and a 1-year warranty on the stand, light, camera & monitor. The majority of our parts are in stock and available to ship the next business day.

Come stop by our showroom to demo Unit 16 in person or buy online here.


8808 Monticello Lane North 
Maple Grove MN 55369 
Monday - Friday 8:00 am - 4:30 pm

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