MMBTZ45X all-in-one HD Digital Measuring Microscope & 3D Lens

MMBTZ45X Standard Measuring Microscope & 3D Lens

See things from a whole new angle.

MMBTZ45X Standard HD digital measuring microscope with additional 3D lens provides 360 degrees of viewing angles. MMBTZ45X standard magnification is 7X-50X. MMBT's 3D lens is perfect for when you need to solder parts and see your work from multiple angles without needing to move your parts. Do you have small parts you need to see inside? The 3D lens is perfect to help you view the depth of your parts. MMBT's 3D lens can be purchased as an additional accessory to our Standard MMBTZ45X HD Digital all-in-one measuring microscope.

MMBTZ45X Microscope Features:

MMBTZ45X comes with a built in LED light and camera with cross hair. The user-friendly interface allows you to take multiple measurements quick and easy. Useful in a variety of industries. Save data on a USB drive in excel format to work on a PC. Measurements and text will save on the picture. Perfect for training, education, precision welding, and observation.

  • Measure in mm or inches
  • Goes out 4 decimal places
  • Take notes on screen
  • Change color and size for text and lines
  • Easy point and click measurements
  • Connect with HDMI splitter for group viewing
  • Automatic Edge Detection
  • Freeze/Live Video
  • Save Graphic measurements for go/no-go testing
  • Tilting Monitor
  • 1920 x 1080P resolution
  • Flip images vertical or horizontal
  • Color/Black and White
  • Cross Hair or Scale
  • Minimizable Menu
  • 3D lens 360 degree viewing angle
  • Easy to see around parts

Additional Accessories Include:

Buy MMBTZ45X Standard Microscope w/3D lens here

MMBTZ45X is on display in our showroom please feel free to stop buy for a demo. We have all options on display: Standard, Doubler, Extension and Standard w/3D lens

Visit us in store at:
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