MMBTZ45X HD Digital Measuring Microscope


MMBTZ45X all-in-one HD Digital Measuring Microscope

  • Built in LED ring light.
  • Camera w/ cross hair.
  • User friendly interface
  • 14 measurement types
  • Accuracy of +- .002"
  • Magnification options: 
    • Standard 7x-50x
    • Extension/Splitter 3.5x-25x
    • Doubler 14x-100x
  • Take Pictures
  • USB Port
  • Ergonomic
  • Auto Edge Detection

Perfect for training, education, precision welding, and observation. Additional options include a keyboard, a backlight, and a 3d lens. Choose your options and buy here.

MMBTZ45X-A05 Extension Option Shown Below

  • Extension/Splitter 3.5x-25x magnification

MMBTZ45X-A20 Doubler 2x Option Shown Below

  • Doubler 14x-100x magnification

MMBTZ45X-A10 Standard 3d Lens Option Video Shown Below

  • Standard Magnification 7x-50x w/ 3d lens
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