MMBTZ45X HD Measuring Booth 1249 MD&M West

MMBTZ45X all-in-one Digital Microscope

MMBT by Metro CAD will be at the MD&M West Show in Anaheim, CA Feb 6-8th Please stop by booth 1249 and see MMBTZ45X our all-in-one Digital Microscope live in person.

MMBTZ45X-A10 Standard 3d Lens Option

  • Standard Magnification 7x-50x w/ 3d lens

MMBTZ45X Features:

MMBTZ45X comes with a built in LED light and camera with cross hair. The user-friendly interface allows you to take multiple measurements quick and easy. Useful in a variety of industries. Save data on a USB drive in excel format to work on a PC. Measurements and text will save on the picture. Perfect for training, education, precision welding, and observation.

  • Measure in mm or inches
  • Goes out 4 decimal places
  • Take notes on screen
  • Change color and size for text and lines
  • Easy point and click measurements
  • Connect with HDMI splitter for group viewing
  • Automatic Edge Detection
  • Freeze/Live Video
  • Save Graphic measurements for go/no-go testing
  • Tilting Monitor
  • 1920 x 1080P resolution
  • Flip images vertical or horizontal
  • Color/Black and White
  • Cross Hair or Scale
  • Minimizable Menu


Additional accessories include :

  • keyboard
  • backlight
  • 3d lens
  • XY stage
  • Choose your accessories and buy here.

HD Digital Measuring Microscope Measurement Options :

  • lines
  • parallels
  • angels
  • diameter
  • radius
  • center to circle
  • polygons and more

MMBTZ45X-A05 Extension Option Shown Below

  • Extension/Splitter 3.5x-25x magnification

MMBTZ45X-A20 Doubler 2x Option Shown Below

  • Doubler 14x-100x magnification
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