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Thanks for visiting MMBT by Metro CAD at FIME. MMBT 16 and 32 carrier horizontal braiders are in stock and are available for international shipping. MMBT offers horizontal or vertical braiders from 16 - 288 carriers. MMBT braiders are quiet, cost-effective, built to last, have an intuitive design, and high output. Horizontal braiders have a built-in bobbin winder that can run during production.

MMBT by Metro CAD medical braiders offer:

  • Quiet Operation
  • Cost-effective Platform
  • Herringbone, Diamond and Half Load Braid Patterns
  • Horizontal or Vertical Braiders from 16-288 carriers
  • Horizontal braiders do not need a compressor to operate
  • Built-in bobbin winder (Horizontal braiders) run during production
  • Non-Contact Auto Stop For Wire Breaks & Empty Bobbin
  • Light Tower Indicator
  • Door Interlocks
  • Custom Die Guides
  • Measuring Camera Options
  • 600 picks/min, 300 rpm, 4 horns per gear
  • 1 - 150 picks

A digital camera scope with measuring capabilities can be added to the braider to measure braid angle and pic count.


MMBT's fine wire medical braider can braid a variety of wires and fibers, some examples are:
WIRES: Stainless Steel, Copper, Niti, Titanium, Gold, Platinum and Cobolt-Chromium.
FIBERS: Nylon, Polyester, Dyneema, Kevlar, Vectran, Spectra, PET, PEN, PP, PEEK and LCP.

MMBT by Metro CAD Braid Pattern Overview

Full load “Regular” or “Herringbone” Braid. (1 over 2 under 2).

This configuration runs at full capacity, full speed. Most popular pattern. One single wire goes under two cross wires then over two cross wires. This is typically used for flexibility, push ability, and full braider speed.

Full load “Diamond” Braid. (2 over 2 under 2).

This configuration has two wires going under two cross wires then over two cross wires. This is typically used for catheters that need good rigidity, kink resistance. Least flexible, great radial force, least compression, high torque ability, high stiffness, and full coverage. This pattern runs at half speed. Horn gears turn twice per pick. Twice the material as a Full Regular pattern.

Half Load Braid.(1 over 1 under 1).

This configuration operates at 50% capacity of the braider speed and number of carriers. One single wire goes under one cross wire and over one cross wire. This pattern balances the best characteristics of the Diamond and Herringbone patterns. Half-load provides great radial force and compression strength, toque ability, push ability along with good flexibility and kink resistance. This pattern runs at half speed. Horn gears turn twice per pick. Uses twice the amount of material as a Full Regular pattern. This pattern is also the easiest to remove from a core.

Chase Wire(1 over 1 under 1 +).

In this configuration, a modification of the half load pattern, is using a “chase-wire.” This can be one or more wires added to the half load pattern to reinforce the braid. To chase a wire, an extra carrier is installed next to another carrier, so the two carrier’s wires twist in parallel throughout the braid, adding strength.

Triaxial Braid.(Accessory kit available).

A triaxial braid pattern utilizes one or more wires, braided straight through the selected braid pattern along with the normal crisscrossed pattern. These wires thread in and out every other pick. A triaxial braid helps prevent bending, collapsing, or stretching and increases burst strength and rigidity. With higher tension of the triaxial wires, compared to the main carrier’s tension, the final product can have triaxial wires that move within the braided tube, articulating catheter tips, for example. When braided with matching tensions, this maximizes burst strength and rigidity.

Learn more about MMBT16CHFWB specifications here.

MMBT Braider FAQ

Download Braider Product Literature click here.

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