Triaxial Kit Available for MMBT Horizontal Braiders 16 carriers and up

Triaxial Kit for braiders from 16 - 288 carriers

Do you need a quiet operating medical braider with triaxial braiding capabilities? MMBT's 16 and 32 Carrier Horizontal Braiders are currently in stock. Optional triaxial kits are available in quantities of 1 up to half the number of carriers on the braider.


Standard Triaxial Kit installed in vertical position on MMBT16CHFWB
a 16-carrier Horizontal Braider.

MMBT's Standard 16 Carrier Triaxial Kit includes the following:

  • mounting brackets
  • wire break sensors
  • electrical box
  • fasteners
  • 8 carriers are standard
  • choice of 1 - 8 carriers
  • installed with each carrier:
    • bobbins
    • eyelets
    • compensation rollers
    • tension ratchet springs
  • (installation instructions included).

The brackets supplied will allow for either horizontal or vertical installation in the opening of the pay-off door area. The door can then either remain open or it can be removed.

Carriers are pre-installed on two bars, with up to four carriers each for a 16 carrier braider. These two bars easily attach to mounting brackets. Optical wire break sensors are attached to the bars. Triaxial wire break sensors can easily be turned off via the HMI when not running triaxial braids.


Triaxial tubes, with ceramic eyelets, utilizing a special nut in center of each horn gear, are supplied standard with all our braiders.

*** Kits are available in sizes up to half the number of carriers on your braider. Kits are available for any size Horizontal Model, 16-carriers and up.  ***


Optical Sensors for Wire Break or Empty Bobbin.

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